Some codicalist metaphysics

In codicalism, the relationship

epistemology (E) ↔ ontology (O) is mapped to
program (P: in some language L) ↔ computing substrate (Σ).

In instrumentalism: model (M) ↔ reality (R).

One could have a bunch of candidates.

P₁:L₁ ↔ Σ₁
P₂:L₂ ↔ Σ₂

(Here using latin letters for languages, greek for substrates.)

If they can’t be differentiated based on experimental data, then they are observationally equivalent.

Science vs. philosophy:
a codicalist (programming linguistic) perspective

Given two language (L) ↔ substrate (Σ) pairs

Lˢ ↔ Σˢ
Lᵖ ↔ Σᵖ

questions are posed in terms of differences between the Ls and the Σs.

Codicalism can be viewed as a yang-yin combo of computationalist epistemology and physicalist ontology.

Philip Thrift


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