Klingon, mathematics, and codicalism

There’s a whole babel of constructed languages [1]. Klingon [2] is one of them. Apparetly it can be as “complete” as needed to be also a practical language for day-to-day use.

Mathematics is more of a collection of domain-specific languages [3] or a collection of programming languages [4] than a single, monolithic language.

Thinking of mathematics as a single thing out there (that there must be a “philosophy of”) shows the seduction of platonism (perhaps instilled in people by our educational system of religious schooling).

[1] Wikipedia: Constructed language
A planned or constructed language (sometimes called a conlang) is a language whose phonology, grammar, and vocabulary have been consciously devised for human or human-like communication, instead of having developed naturally. It is also referred to as an artificial or invented language.
[2] Wikipedia: Klingon language
[3] Wikipedia: Domain-specific language
[4] Wikipedia: List of programming languages by type

Philip Thrift


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