Linguistic pragmatism and codicalism

In Experiencing Language: What’s Missing in Linguistic Pragmatism?, Mark Johnson makes the case that experience has been incorrectly swept aside by the broom of language by pragmatic philosophers. I think codicalism’s yang⇄yin conception of languages⇄substrate is in accord with Johnson’s thesis.

While substrate cannot be discussed without languages, languages cannot be experienced without substrate. The horse (of matter and energy) is properly before the cart (of languages, computing, and mathematics). A linguistic object (“program”) can be compiled (“embodied”) into either a simulation (via a conventional compiler) or an assembly (via a matter compiler). And so forth.


Another formulation (October 9, 2015):

Codicalism =

       Rortian (linguistic) pragmatism
       Kantian (substrative) transcendentalism


Philip Thrift


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