AI/SB code

Code that executes beyond the conventional code of AI could be made by making an AI via SB (synthetic biology) — code that implements phenomenal consciousness?

Special issue on What Synthetic Biology can offer to Artificial Intelligence
Journal Special Issue – BioSystems (Elsevier)
Paper submission deadline: 30th January 2015
Final acceptance: 30 June 2015
(Publication: 10 weeks after the final acceptance)

The emergence of the “embodied approach” in the cognitive sciences and AI increasingly focuses the investigations in these fields on the role(s) played by the body’s self-production and bodily interactions in cognition. This re-integration of the biological body in the scientific study of cognition, directed towards overcoming the Cartesian dichotomy characterizing classical cognitive science and AI, is progressing while significant advancements in the biological sciences are taking place.

One of the most notable is the development of Synthetic Biology (SB), a research area dedicated to the synthesis and assembly of biological parts, systems and/or processes to modify extant biological cells, or, in the most ambitious cases, to build synthetic cells. The constitution of this new field offers to the scientific community a new way of exploring the role played by the body in cognitive process: extending AI research within the domain of experimental biology, i.e., assigning to SB the task of building and experimentally studying minimal synthetic models of cognitive systems and processes.


Philip Thrift


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