Flesh and words

Christianity: In the beginning was the word, and the word became flesh.
Codicalism: In the beginning was flesh, and the flesh made words.

From the substrate evolved Biological Language Generators (BLaGs).
And then BLaGs made languages, from substrate, about substrate, and then SLaGs (Synthetic Language Generators — androids).


Any explanation of the substrate is composed from the substrate: It’s on a hard drive, in someone’s brain, it’s ink on a page, … .
cf. [2,3].

The substrate (“extralinguistic substance underlying all nature”) is the (muted) footnote¹ to all expressions. It contributes the ‘be’ing.

[1] Footnotes’ Relations to their Texts, Problems of Annotation (lecture notes)
[2] A physicalist account of physical theory (course summary)
[3] Physico-formalist philosophy of mathematics (course summary)
[4] “phenomenological materialism”


Philip Thrift


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