X Code”

Let X = just about anything (sometimes, “The X” — via a Google search) and you may find a book on that subject:

     Love Code
     Life Code
     Leadership Code
     Happiness Code
     Fitness Code
     Bodybuilder Code
     Success Code
     Diet Code (e.g., Paleo Code)
     Empathy Code

and so forth.

These can be seen as programmatic approaches to achieving X.

Empathy Code is interesting: There is a book (Kindle ebook) and a recent article (in NYTimes SundayReview) on how exercising empathy can increase one’s own feelings of empathy — i.e., how to increase one’s empathy fitness.

What this means is that it is by “downloading software” for a particular X function and carrying out its instructions routinely can lead to achieving X skill. One doesn’t need philosophical or scientific theory to digest. Just programmatic practice:

All of that about the codes of the “real” world, not to mention the codes of the sciences.

Download “X Code” and execute.


Philip Thrift


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