Histories Of Phenomenally Everything (HOPE)


            or Everything Histories (EH)



Perhaps…we must also give up, by principle, the space-time continuum. It is not unimaginable that human ingenuity will some day find methods which will make it possible to proceed along such a path. At the present time, however, such a program looks like an attempt to breathe in empty space.
Albert Einstein


In a HOPE-ful ontology, histories are fundamental entities of a quantum spacetime universe.

  • There are possible histories and actual histories. Possible histories reenforce or interfere with each other (via the path integral).
  • Histories replace particles and fields, which are defined in terms of ensembles of histories. Histories have physical properties, so a particular history can be an ‘electron’ history, for example.
  • Histories have a path representation as a sequence going backwards in time. An element of the path sequence could be (στ,φ), where στ is a spacetime parameter (a cell or tile in quantum spacetime vocabulary — or spacicle) and φ is a physical parameter.* The reverse paths (going forward in time) are called futures. In a biverse (reflective path integral universe), retrocausality could be a feature.
  • Underspecified above: The type of path (sequence) and στ; how histories interact.

* In a panpsychist theory, it would be (στ,φ,ψ), or (στ,φψ), where ψ is the psychical parameter.

HOPE can also be Histories Of Practically Everything.

29 Jan 2019

By “historical paths (curves or walks)”, “Histories have a path representation as a sequence”, I mean sequence in terms of having a linearly ordered index I, so each element of the history is indexed:

            (στ,φ)ᵢ     i ∈ I

22 Feb 2019

The indexing above could be t ∈ T to signify time (apart from the internal time of the στ parameter. The linearly ordered nature (discrete of continuous) just means that one thing happens before another.


Each history {(στ,φψ)ᵢ:i ∈ I} is called a storicle. The psychical parameter ψ plays a role in the (temporal) experience of the storicle.

All of reality is a collection of storicles in quantum spacetime.


Quantum spacetime can be viewed as a configuration of interlocking rubber tiles (spacicles).

Particles interact – via spacitons (gravitons) – with spacicles via their mass, distorting them. A sufficient mass will stretch spacicles, a stretching that propagates to neighboring spacicles resulting in a curved spacetime.


Philip Thrift


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