[ Contents ]

Codical Theory

The Babel of Languages and
the Substrate of Nature


(the dialectics of language and matter)


     by  Philip Thrift


codicalism : There is a hidden code of nature—the code written into its fabric. Our theories—our hypothetical code—are our evolving best-guess translations of the code of nature, which remains hidden from our knowledge—within nature-in-itself.

0. Preface
2. UM
3. The Babel of Languages and the Substrate of Nature
4. Simulating vs. Assembling
Some codicalist metaphysics
6. Klingon, mathematics, and codicalism
7. Putting the horse before the cart
8. Linguistic pragmatism and codicalism
9. Coding the moral domain
10. Hard and soft (code)
11. Science is “the codified application of common sense”
12. AI/SB code
13. Flesh and Words
14. Information is insufficient
15. EX_MACHINA: Turing, Wittgenstein, and Wetware
16. Infinite-domain programs
17. A new epistemology-ontology landscape
18. Domains, Substance, Languages, Substrate
19. On existence
20. LAUGH: Linguistic Anthropic Universe Genesis Hypothesis
21. Philosophy’s (pragmatic) function
22. “X Code”
23. The substrate and the sublime
24. Codicalist/Codifist
25. The hackerism of codicalism
26. DSL engines
27. What evolutionary morality misses
28. Road(s) to Codicalism
29. On ‘consistency’ and natural computing
30. On the level
31. programming architectonics
32. The Five Points of Codicalism
33. Calideas – a programming language inspired by A Calculus of Ideas … and a genus of insects!
34. Mathematics is …
35. Calideas – species 0.1.1
36. A codicalist’s “philosophy of life”
37. Is biocomputing > computing?
38. Foundationalists vs. Pragmatists
39. The Calideas Framework (Introduction)
40. When Rorty Met Manny
41. Descartes’ elephant
42. Programs of the future
43. Platforms, Frameworks, and Politics
44. Tony and Cody dialogues (continued)
45. The middle way of codicalism
46. Let’s get physical
47. Cody and Tony (on “Relations”)
48. Rhizomatic programming
49. Cartesianists, Computationalists, and Codicalists
50. The beyond-Turing universe
51. HUM
52. The Procedural-Computational-Programmatic Turn
53. Vibrant materialism
54. Codicality and materiality
55. The Language Multiverse
56. Codicalism and the li-qi metaphysics of Zhu Xi
57. Fictionalism, et al. in codicalism
58. Code theory of nature’s hidden code
59. Life of PI
60. Where’s SUSY?
61. Codical notable (Friedrich Kittler)
62. The Reflective Path Integral
63. Eliminating “Information”
64. Matter as code
65. Existentialism and Caterialism
66. Existentialist vs. Stoic (on imagining living forever)
67. The Existentialism of Robert Crumb
68. Not conscious of mind
69. Taking stock
70. Synthetic pancomputationalism
71. σCP – Stochastic Concurrent Prolog
72. Catterbot
73. Computational Matter
74. Platonists, Conceptualists, and Synthetists
75. When demarcationism is bad for philosophy
76. Math’s (Quasi)Empirical Era
77. A dialethic moment
78. A σCP formulation of the path integral
79. Code theory from alternative worlds
80. The dispensability of category theory
82. Living according to being and nothingness
83. It’s (probably) the chemistry, stupid.
84. To tell the truths
85. Materialism vs. Physicalism
86. Codicon and Noumenon
87. Backward and Downward!
88. Lost in (Platonistic) Math
89. What’s the matter with fiction?
90. Some monistic dualisms of codicalism
91. The Noumenality of Matter
92. The matter of consciousness and the consciousness of matter
93. Would a conscious robot be an idealist or a materialist?
94. Mathematical pulp fictionalism
95. The Wheeler-Feynman-vonNeumann computer
96. Real computationalism
97. Experience processing
98. Contingency. codicality, and syntheticity
99. EMP: Effective Matter Programming
100. Of Grammatology and the Babel of Sciences
101. Material Semantics for Unconventional Programming
102. Let’s Get Extraphysical
103. Matter gets psyched
104. Histories Of Phenomenally Everything (HOPE)
105. Codicalism: Between realism and antirealism
106. 2bits, qbits, xbits, a cosmos
107. Codical Theory
108. language/matter dialectics
109. The environment is RhiPE for σCP
110. Ex Materia
111. IPSO non facto
112. Natural Computing Thesis
113. The data-driven future of scientific theory
114. The Trinity Knot of Being
115. BigFOOT
116. Arche-programming
117. Pangrammism
118: The Joy of Sexps


… Matter is much
Odder than we thought.

W.H. Auden






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